Bretagne Travel Guide + Photo Diary

April 21, 2017

France has many wonders that constantly brings in tourists from all over the world. Paris may be the first city you think of when you picture France, along with all its famous landmarks, but it’s not the only area worth visiting. This country is filled with so much history, varying types of nature, and an admirable culture. Every region has its specialty and one can see the differences when crossing from one province to the other, which shows the vastness and diversification of heritage.


Where To Go: 

It’s easy to get to Brittany from Paris; thankfully the train system is extremely developed and would just take about 1-3 hours depending on the town you want to end up in. Taking a car is the easiest (and possibly most comfortable) way to travel since you can just hit all the towns you desire.

Mont St. Michel

The main reason why so many people travel to Brittany. This little island commune isn’t reachable by car but there’s a parking lot where you can leave your car and then take a 30 minute shuttle that takes you to the Mont. Visiting this place is a one-of-a-kind experience and definitely worth it. Try to avoid the high tourist seasons as it’s quite of a small commune and can get very busy. You could easily spend a whole day here (you’ll see why if you go) – it feels like you ended up in a part of Hogwarts or a Scottish castle or town. The view you get from the top is unbeatable and absolutely breathtaking; you get a 360 view of the beautiful Brittany nature.


The old city is closed off by a wall which you can walk on while you admire the water from one side and the town on the other.


Small and charming where you can find those slanting 16th century houses.


One of the bigger cities that can be found in Brittany which makes for a good base to have while you travel to other towns during the day. Still very pretty and worth the visit.


Lying on the coast, this town is very cute with a decent sized beach and Belle Époque villas which is one of the main attractions.


This area is not a town so-to-say, but rather a place where you find many stonehenges. That’s right, you don’t need to go to England to see the famous Stonehenge, come to Brittany and you’ll find them scattered all over the place, quite literally.

There are many other towns and communes worth visiting which are all accessible one way or another. The best part of Brittany is that you can just drive around, with no real set destination and end up somewhere completely unexpected, whether it’s a charming town, or just a little fishing village.


To Sleep


By far the simplest and cheapest, nothing beats a good Airbnb.


Hotel Le Nouveau Monde – Saint Malo

Le Magic Hall – Rennes

Hotel Arvor – Dinan

Castelbrac – Dinard


To Eat

From apple cider to seafood, to the famous Mère Poulard galettes, to the caramels “au beurre salé” (salted butter), and so much more. Beware with those extra kilos because you can easily find them in Brittany…



















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