Paris Style


November 2, 2015

I have to admit, I miss Paris. It’s my home, how could I not miss it? When I lived in Paris, I felt that my style was always changing, which is normal since I was still in high school and I was trying to define who I was. I think my style will never be properly specified, but I do know in the direction I’m headed in. Or at least I hope I do. This summer, most of the outfits I wore were simple and laid-back, occasionally adding a hint of minimalism or boho. I always try to balance an outfit by making it effortless yet chic. That’s very nearly the essence of French style, and I find it works well for everyone. It’s just a question of adopting that philosophy. Anyway, I was never one to wear motif T-shirts because I found it quite difficult to incorporate with other pieces. But I managed to keep it casual by plainly wearing a white butterfly T-shirt, boyfriend jeans, white ankle-strap heels, and a red bag for a nice pop of color.













Shirt: Gerard Darell

Pants: Koral

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Michael Kors

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