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Checkered Shorts

July 5, 2015

During summer, I rarely wear black. I believe that summer is a time when people should wear bright colors because simply you can. Also, wearing black attracts more heat and can become quite uncomfortable if the weather gets too hot. Nonetheless, I love black and can’t help myself from wearing it once in a while during summer. Still, black can be worn and one can remain fresh by pairing it with some cooler items.

Lately, Paris has been a sauna. Coming from Venezuela, I love the heat and the constant sun. But being in the midst of a heat wave in the city makes me tired and crave the beach. Tanning in a park isn’t the same thing as tanning on a beach. But being in Paris is such a delight; I love walking around the streets and exploring new neighborhoods. For a leisurely walk close to my apartment I decided to wear these light, high-waisted checkered shorts. I paired this with a casual black top and an easy-going black shirt on top. Finally, nothing says summer like a pair of sophisticated sandals and a complimenting bag as an accessory. For me this look is slightly dressy yet casual with a hint of classic femininity. What do you think?





Shirt: Comptoirs des Cotonniers

Shorts: Zara

Shoes: Ralph Lauren

Bag: Michael Kors

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  • Noris

    Chic and sophisticated look!

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