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March 2, 2015

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Many people don’t realize how much water they’re supposed to drink in a day. As we all know, water is very important – both for our overall health but also for an active lifestyle. It’s actually the best remedy! However, drinking water doesn’t include drinking coke, juices, or any other kind of water-based liquid. You may think you’re keeping hydrated with these substance but in reality, you’re not. The only way to stay purely hydrated is by drinking plain mineral water. The recommended amount is to drink at least one liter of water each day.

Also, water has many benefits that one may not know about. So, what’s the big secret?


  • Drinking water helps clearing out your skin, keeping it fresh and hydrated
  • Gives your face a certain “glow”


  • All the bad toxins you have in your body are constantly flushed out if you drink a lot of water – our kidneys need that kind of refreshing fluid!
  • Water actually facilitates digestion, making the process a lot more smooth and reducing any kind of pain
  • Sometimes when drinking sodas or juices, one may feel a little bloated and gas-y, water doesn’t give you that issue
  • Helps fight sicknesses and colds – drinking a lot of water will improve your symptoms and make you get better a lot quicker


  • Drinking water will help you eat and snack less – it fills you up and helps you lose weight
  • It will make you less dehydrated, which in turn will get make you feel less tired, more energized and stronger
  • Great for hangovers, trust me
  • You actually save money – water is cheap!
  • Keeps you feeling young and active

Tip: A great way to have a little bit of a more refreshing taste to your water is by adding mint, lemon, or orange – good for detox and your health!

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