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Treasure Beach

April 25, 2016

Jamaica has some hidden treasures and it doesn’t take much to find out about them. One of them was Treasure Beach, a little town that my family and I found in our travel guide. We enjoy discovering secluded areas that aren’t saturated with tourists and that still preserve that natural, raw beauty. It makes the experience all the more adventurous and exciting. In touring these places, one can get quite dirty or uncomfortable so I always try to look for clothing that’s easily manipulated and in which I can feel like I can move around.

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Jamaica Travels

Where to go in Jamaica

April 7, 2016

Fresh fruit, lovely beaches, amazing plantation, reggae music, and ganja is what awaits in Jamaica if you didn’t already know. It’s an ideal country to relax in and enjoy the mellow atmosphere it provides. So… go book your tickets now!

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