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One Way

June 1, 2016

Being a creative type, it can be frustrating and disappointing when people don’t encourage you to do what you want to do simply because they think you’re not good enough. That shouldn’t affect anyone because as long as you’re content with what you’re doing, then that’s what counts. Find people who will incite you to go a certain way – the direction you’ve been wanting to take but have never really had the courage to travel. These people should be the ones who inspire you, stimulate you, and most of all, support you. I’m lucky enough to have people like this in my life and I feel like everyone should have at least one or two.

Shoot 4 -15

This look was from one of those days that you don’t really forget. I’m not a person to try too hard when it comes to spending a casual day outside walking the city, so I usually throw on a good pair of jeans, sneakers, a simple t-shirt, and my go-to leather jacket. The latter I’ve had for ages (best buy from comptoir des cotonniers) and always adds a certain edge to outfits, which I adore, especially if you’re going to jump on mailboxes and chill next to a traffic light. Who knows what you might do? It’s all about being comfortable and iconic with your converse while taking those crazy, spontaneous chances that life offers.

Shoot 4 -11Shoot 4 -14Shoot 4 -10unspecified-18Shoot 4 -3

unspecified-19Shoot 4 -13unspecified-29

Photography: Jose Martinez

Shirt: Zara

Jacket: Comptoir des Cotonniers

Jeans: Levi’s

Shoes: Converse

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