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July 19, 2015

Oh Paris… In every corner there’s something new, something beautiful, something so wonderful. It can be the tiniest, most insignificant thing but it still adds to the whole atmosphere that Paris has. It’s exhilarating really, because you can be sure that you’ll always be missing out on something fantastic when you’re there, and that’s a good thing. It just goes to say that Paris is a continuous hustle and bustle.

What I like the best about this large city full of history, drama, art, food (and so much more) is that just by walking around one can experience all the aforementioned. For me, it’s a never-ending ride of excitement.

Whenever I do find time to take a stroll, I tend to dress casually and comfortably. There’s nothing more frustrating when your shoe hits you on the wrong spot on your toe, or when your skirt rises when you walk, or even forgetting to wear a belt. It’s happened to many of us and the only tip I can offer is to wear something more easy-going. Not many people can truly be confident in clothing that bothers them one way or another. It’s really quite simple: don’t worry about impressing people (unless you really have to), or trying to look your absolute best, just focus on yourself and how you feel in your own skin. If you like to dress up to go to brunch, then that’s great! No one is judging you. You’re you and that’s how life is.

So for this lovely saunter along the Seine, I paired a simple white linen T-shirt and a textured high-waisted skirt. Pairing something plain with texture is a good way to add dynamism to an outfit yet making it seem totally effortless. For an extra something, I added a patterned necklace and a studded, classic brown bag. Normally I don’t wear heels because I find them uncomfortable to be in after a long period of time, but these wedge heels from Michael Kors complimented the outfit nicely and were actually like slippers to my feet.

Tell me what you guys think!



_MG_4945 _MG_4949



Shirt: H&M

Skirt: Zara

Shoes: Michael Kors

Bag: Kurt Geiger

Necklace: Zara

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  • Noris

    Thank you for sharing your lovely fashion and style very comfortable

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