Paris Style


July 26, 2016

Everyone has that one go to outfit that’s simple and easy-going; something to slip on when you’re running late in the morning or have that syndrome of ‘I have nothing to wear so I’ll just wear the standard’. These kind of outfits sometimes tend to be the best and most classic as they define your look and style. It doesn’t have to be much – a simple white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers could do it. Personally, I like to switch it up when it comes to these relaxed ensembles just for a bit of versatility.


Recently, it’s been about black high waited mom jeans and a dynamic flowy button-up top paired with small ankle strap heels.

Tell me what are you guys’ standard looks? _MG_1826_MG_1762_MG_1800_MG_1879_MG_1801_MG_1593_MG_1858

Shirt: Samsoe & Samsoe

Jeans: Asos

Shoes: Steve Madden

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