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Stroll on the Seine

February 3, 2016

There’s nothing more charming than eating a wonderful meal with people you love and taking a stroll after – especially when you’re in Paris and you have the Seine right at your feet. In any case, this is how I felt on a cold January afternoon when I was back home for winter break. The polluted Parisian sky gave off a particular light that makes one feel lighthearted, blissful, and simply in good spirits. Even better, there were hardly any people around, which made the experience a lot more delightful.


Winter calls for wearing neutrals. For my experience, this winter has been somewhat warmer than the past, not only in New York, but also in Paris. So, going for walks around Paris made picking out outfits slightly more complicated than usual. In the sun, one would get too warm, but in the shade, one would get too cold. Half of the time I want to make an effort and try to adapt as well as I can to the weather, but the other half of the time I’m too lazy to pick out the “perfect” winter outfit and just end up wearing what I want to wear. IMG_8943

So for this specific stroll on the Seine, I caved into my desires and decided to wear a skirt. Pairing it with probably one of the most comfortable sweaters I own, I felt confident and overall carefree. Then just topped it off with some muted brown-colored booties, a small handbag, and I was ready to spend a marvelous day in a extraordinary city. IMG_8959IMG_8966IMG_9001IMG_9019IMG_9024IMG_9030IMG_9034IMG_9043IMG_9042

Skirt: Ikks

Bag: Le Tanneur

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