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Loose shirt, Tight skirt

April 30, 2015


Summer is so close! Who’s getting excited? I know I am – school is almost over and the sun is shining. So I’m putting on my skirts, loose shirts, and my statement sunglasses.

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Paris Style

50 Shades of Blue (and White)

March 9, 2015


What do you think the color blue represents? I think it represents many things including feelings. Personally, blue makes me feel relaxed – there’s something calming and soothing about a light blue hue, or even melancholic about a dark blue.

I’m a strong believer in wearing what you feel through color. A lot of the time I wear certain colors that express my current emotion(s), and sometimes I’m surprised to find that I do this unconsciously. I’ll be walking around wearing a red dress and feeling confident, or wearing a white and black patterned skirt and feeling silly or jovial.

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