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Paris Style

Frills in Montmartre

September 21, 2016

There are so many things that are delightful about Paris but one of my favorite is Montmartre. I’m not talking about the typical tourist square or the cathedral, what I love about this area are the cobblestone streets, the view over Paris, and the hidden historical details that many don’t know about. Personally, what makes something unique and special are the details because if one looks closely, one can see the subtle efforts put into the smaller things.

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Paris Style


July 26, 2016

Everyone has that one go to outfit that’s simple and easy-going; something to slip on when you’re running late in the morning or have that syndrome of ‘I have nothing to wear so I’ll just wear the standard’. These kind of outfits sometimes tend to be the best and most classic as they define your look and style. It doesn’t have to be much – a simple white t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers could do it. Personally, I like to switch it up when it comes to these relaxed ensembles just for a bit of versatility.

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Jamaica Style Travels

Treasure Beach

April 25, 2016

Jamaica has some hidden treasures and it doesn’t take much to find out about them. One of them was Treasure Beach, a little town that my family and I found in our travel guide. We enjoy discovering secluded areas that aren’t saturated with tourists and that still preserve that natural, raw beauty. It makes the experience all the more adventurous and exciting. In touring these places, one can get quite dirty or uncomfortable so I always try to look for clothing that’s easily manipulated and in which I can feel like I can move around.

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New York City Style


March 1, 2016

The other day we felt the first glorious moments of spring weather in NYC. I think I had forgotten about that feeling when the rays of sun shine on your skin and the only thing you can help to do is close your eyes and take it all in. Then you proceed to take off your coat and wish that you would never need to put it on again – which is exactly what I did. However, it’s not quite spring yet so coats are still necessary… unfortunately.

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Paris Style

Winter Midi Skirt

January 17, 2016

Truthfully, I don’t like winter. It’s not that I don’t like it, but I don’t enjoy it. There are thing that I do like about it – like wearing big comfortable cashmere sweaters and drinking cocoa – but that’s mainly it. Occasionally, the feel of the bitter cold wind against my skin feels nice and refreshing, but I definitely prefer the feel of warm wind. The main issue for me is trying to dress appropriately for winter; I’m not a big fan of layering so it makes dressing stylishly slightly difficult.

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