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Winter Beauty Essentials

February 25, 2016

It seems quite fitting to write about beauty essentials since it’s fashion month but also because it’s winter and this season can be one of the harshest on one’s skin, especially that last one. If anyone is currently in New York City, you know what the weather has been particularly inconsistent. Luckily for me, it hasn’t been like the typical bitter-frost, bone-chilling winters that the US East Coast is known for, which I despise. Nonetheless, the drastic change in temperatures we’ve been experiencing here isn’t the best for maintaining your skin healthy and hydrated.

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Festival Essentials

August 6, 2015


Packing for music festivals can be overwhelming. “What exactly am I going to wear?”, “What’s the weather going to be like?”, “Should my luggage be that full?” These are all common questions that everyone asks themselves prior going to a festival. But honestly, organizing and getting your stuff together is really quite simple.

The good thing about festivals is that everyone is there for the music and for the experience. Not many people will care if you’re the best-dressed there, but still it doesn’t hurt to dress to fit the theme and atmosphere of the festival.

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