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Paris Style

Vintage Leather

February 8, 2017

There are things that can’t be imitated or reproduced the same way old things were. There’s so much history to be found behind an ‘antique’ creation, sometimes the past of it can’t be retraced, which makes it all the more special. It leaves a lot to imagination – who wore this item before me? Who adopted it as their own? The story could be decoded in a million ways, but you will never really know unless you have a sort of testimony. Most importantly though, is the emotion and feeling of the product that has been carried along with its story.

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New York City Style


October 19, 2016

There are so many textures that one can play with when it comes to clothing, that’s the amusing and electrifying part of styling outfits. This seems to be the new trend as well, as fashion designers this past fashion month have presented collections with materials such as velvet, leather, silk, patent, and suede. It’s fairly simple to incorporate a different fabric – like a statement patent skirt – in your closet than the plain old cotton or acrylic (although there’s nothing wrong with that), but why not shake it up a little? It’s definitely a fantastic way to make one’s outfit more dynamic and fun.  Continue Reading

Paris Style

Frills in Montmartre

September 21, 2016

There are so many things that are delightful about Paris but one of my favorite is Montmartre. I’m not talking about the typical tourist square or the cathedral, what I love about this area are the cobblestone streets, the view over Paris, and the hidden historical details that many don’t know about. Personally, what makes something unique and special are the details because if one looks closely, one can see the subtle efforts put into the smaller things.

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