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Paris Style

Velvet Pants

January 8, 2016

Since a very young age, I’ve had a fascination for all things soft and smooth. Cashmere, silk, satin, velvet… Each one so unique and pleasant. They caress the skin – light, delicate, and gentle. It always intrigued me how these distinct materials individually come together to make a specific item of clothing. They make clothing more playful, elegant, and enjoyable. Why wouldn’t one not wear them on a day-to-day basis?

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Paris Style

Patterns in Versailles

May 10, 2015


In this quick weekend getaway to Paris, I decided to spend half a day in Versailles. It was absolutely stunning – the flowers had bloomed and the weather wasn’t too hot or cold. I hadn’t been for quite a while so it was the perfect day to go.

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