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London Style

Turtleneck Sweater Dress

January 10, 2017

Those moments that involve big and chunky sweaters are probably amongst the coziest. There’s something so snuggly when you’ve spent a whole day outside in the bitter cold and come back to an amber-lit bedroom, a fluffy duvet, and some hot tea. The second when I get into any house or hotel room is to just jump on the bed or sofa and lay there for a significant amount of time. When you get under the covers, you feel like nothing can get you out, as if you’re sheltered from the outside world, safe in your cocoon of comfort.  Continue Reading

New York City Style

Sweater Weather

December 21, 2015

Wearing a comfortable turtleneck sweater is a go-to for autumn and winter. If it isn’t your immediate choice for an outfit on a cold day, then there’s something not right. After all, it is called “sweater weather” for a reason.

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