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March 14, 2015


What better way to travel from London to Paris and vice versa? The Eurostar, of course. It’s so convenient if you want to be in Paris or in London in less than 3 hours. If you get your tickets at least 2-3 weeks in advance, you won’t have to pay so much. But even getting your tickets for a last minute weekend getaway, they never end up being outrageously expensive. Wonderful, right?

Whenever I feel homesick, I just take a train back to Paris and all is good! The first thing I usually do when I get back is buy a baguette and devour it – classically stereotypical, but I love it. So last weekend, I visited my family and happened to run into Paris Fashion Week as well. Instead of attending the shows, I decided to roam around the entrance of the shows, which happened to be very fun (there were so many cute outfits!)

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