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The NYC Cape

February 19, 2016

When I was younger, I wore a lot of ponchos. It was that age where one made really, but really, bad fashion choices. At that time, I didn’t know anything of fashion and wore whatever I found in my closet. To this day I think why ponchos? Especially why pink, glittery, tacky ponchos? I guess, in one way or another, we all go back to doing things we did when we were little – it’s just a part of us. So, when I started seeing that capes/ponchos/wearable blankets were starting to become a ‘thing’ again, I decided to cave into my childhood obsession. I very discreetly bought cape against my better judgement and just went for it. Funnily enough, it’s been a great investment so far.


At this point, I’ve gotten to thinking that capes/ponchos, whatever you want to call them, are wonderful. You feel like you’re your own superhero, flying across the streets. Honestly, I love it, but I understand why many people don’t or refuse to enjoy them. They’re a difficult accessory to pull off sometimes, and often it can go terribly wrong. Still, like anything in fashion, it’s worth giving it a try.




Cape: Warehouse (

Jeans: The Kooples

Boots: Via Spiga

Watch: Cluse

Sunglasses: Quay Australia


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  • DMD

    Wow! Such a beautiful outfit! We absolutely love the cape paired with the turtleneck! And the sunglasses are incredible, Quay are pretty awesome in making incredible, fashionable and affordable sunglasses. We love this brand!
    And finally, you look gorgeous!
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Thank you! I agree about Quay, they have such elegant and cool designs – I love it too!
      Loving your magazine, keep up the good work, it looks good!

  • Siffat Haider

    You look SO chic! I’m not generally one to wear capes, but you may just have changed my mind on them!

    • Awww thanks! Haha tell me when you do buy/wear one xx
      Love your site btw

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