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When in Munich (Top 5 Things To Do)

August 24, 2015


Oh Germany… the land of beer and pretzels. For me, those two words are what define Germany. I’ve been going since I was a very little kid due to the fact that my father is half German and his side of the family lives in Munich. I say Germany as a whole but obviously, not all of Germany is the same. I’ve been to Munich a lot more than I have been to Berlin, and have always preferred it because it feels more like home. However, Berlin is one of my favorite cities in Europe. I feel like there’s always a sort of small rivalry going on between these two large Germanic cities. Even though they’re in the same country, they are two very different cities.


Now, I’m not going to go into full detail about Berlin and Munich’s differences. Long story short: Munich is part of Bavaria, a very old and traditional culture, whereas Berlin pertains to more of the modern age. They’re both beautiful cities, in their own distinct way. I feel that each city can be categorized in three ways: Berlin has the chill parties, trendy bars, impressive WWII history. Munich has the traditional beer gardens, Bavarian restaurants, and the English Garden. I’m not saying that one city doesn’t have what the other has, because they do, but it just feels that each city specializes more and better in those three things.

So, one can one do in Munich?


As I said, Munich is part of Bavaria. What better way to experience Bavarian culture by going to a huge outdoor beer garden (if the weather is nice)?

Here are the top 5 must-do’s in Munich:

  1. Go to a beer garden and drink from the famous jugs.
  • You can find beer gardens almost anywhere but my favorite one is in the English Garden next to the Chinese dome. It’s always bustling and on a sunny day you can later enjoy a leisurely walk in the garden.

2. Eat Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, Cheese Spätzel, Sausages, Dumplings, and much more

  • Augustiner am Dom and Ratskeller are two must go to restaurants. The interior is so nice and traditional and the waiters wear the classic Bavarian outfit. They’re usually really full so people share tables and get ready for a very loud meal.

3. Go to the central square, Marienplatz.

  • The very intricate new town hall which dominates the square and has the cutest figurines at the top. It’s an impressive sight that must be seen.

4. Experience the Oktoberfest or the Christmas Market.

  • Naturally, they’re the high seasons for Munich, but the experience is extremely unique and a once in a lifetime adventure.

5. Visit museums like the Deutsches Museum for history or the Museum Brandhorst for art (and many more).

  • The museums can get very crowded, but Munich has really the most interesting museums.

Central Square, Marienplatz

But if that’s not enough for you, here are other interesting things to do in Munich:

Visit the market next to the Marienplatz


Market next to the Marienplatz

Go grab a café next to the Riding School


The Riding School Café, Reitschule

Experience the weirdest ice-cream flavors you’ll ever see at the “Crazy Ice-Cream Maker“. They range from dark chocolate or strawberry to bacon or sweet mustard.


“The Crazy Ice-Cream Maker” with an Alice in Wonderland design


Passionfruit & Mango with Dark Cocoa on top


Grab a healthy superfood smoothie or juice from Super Danke!


Or just grab a coffee with cats at the Cat Café, Café Katzentempel 



Perhaps you’ll fancy a delicious Açai Bowl from Daddy Longlegs





Enjoy your trip to Munich and if you have other suggestions please let me know!

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